Jake — Service

Location: Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Jake is a 4yr old yellow Labrador retriever. He’s a medical alert service dog, and hes been my complete life saver. In 2016 at the age of 22 I was diagnosed with severe Panic disorder, along with Anxiety, mild depression, and Heart palpitations/High heart rate. My world started to come to halt when these conditions started taking over my life. I dropped out of college, lost my job, couldn’t work, couldn’t drive, I was stuck home in a shell and could not function. any time I left the house someone HAD to be with me. I was constantly In and out of the hospital and it was terrifying. I applied for my service dog near the end of 2016 through jakes organization. After 2 years of training and a lot of fundraising, In September of 2018 I got my blessing, JAKE! He pulled me out of my dark place. because of Jake and his medical alerts I was able to calm myself down and or take medication before going into a full blown panic attack. He retrieved my inhalers and medications for me when I needed them, he blocked for me when I got anxious and performed DPT to help stop on coming panic attacks. He helped me navigate through places and I started being able to go out on my own again. In 2019 I started working again part time, then I was able to go back to school. In 2020 I graduated with a career diploma in veterinary assistance, and then got a job as a veterinary technician at a local vet.

Thanks to Jake I now am a functional human, and continue to improve everyday. Jake is a TRUE HERO.

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