Jasper — Service

Location: Raynham, Massachusetts

Jasper is the angel I have been looking for. Since the day he came home in August 2019, I have never felt alone in my battle with my disabilities. But Jasper is more than just my service dog, he’s my adventure buddy, therapist, lab partner, and most importantly my best friend. Jasper is the calmest and quietest dog I have ever known. He loves to play, but he is so adaptable and settles when asked, always ready to task. I often take Jasper on adventures where he gets to be off duty. He makes it possible for me to experience life since he tasks even when he’s not technically working. My favorite trip with him so far has been the top of Mt. Washington, where this photo was taken. We drove up, which was terrifying. From the second we got out of the car, Jasper was in work mode and tasking, even without his vest on. The strong winds were overwhelming for me, but the worst was looking off the side of the mountain to the huge expanse of the earth. I started to panic as thoughts of how little I’ve done in my 23 years alive came flooding through. But a cool wet nose nudged my hand and my dog leaned against me. It wasn’t much, just his way of pulling me back to here and now. But it reminded me that we still have so much time, and I’m not alone anymore, we can do anything. Together, we’re unstoppable.

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