Jaydon — Service

Location: Vail, Arizona

Jaydon is a 17 pound Pomsky that was adopted as a pet. Jaydon became part of our family before my wife was diagnosed with idiopathic anaphylaxis on top of her severe tree nut allergies. He showed as a young pup he had a bigger purpose before we knew how big of a job he was going to have.

Because of the word count limit, we can’t list all his achievements before 11/2019

In 11/2019 my wife had her 1st severe allergic reaction resulting in anaphylaxis. Jaydon retrieved her EpiPen which saved her life. She had 2 more of this extreme level in 11/2019 and his work was actually caught on video which we have.

He did his job each time and 1 case was so bad when paramedics arrived my wife’s blood pressure was 60/24 and she had fallen face first onto the tile floor fracturing her nose after she injected the EpiPen. From the time of her attack to the time she was unconscious and unresponsive on the floor was less than 3 minutes. This reactions still occur and he is always there.

My wife is only here today because of Jaydon.

Prior to his full time job Jaydon earned 7 AKC titles. Jaydon is our SuperHero and continues to work diligently everyday to keep my wife safe. Not all disabilities are visible and Jaydon has proven he has SuperHero powers to detect even when we can’t see the danger. He works hard everyday and retrieves her medical pack when needed usually so early that she doesn’t require an EpiPen ejection. He does his job so well my wife can somewhat live a normal life

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