JJ Krawczyk — Service

Charity Partner: Freedom Service Dogs
Location: Apex, North Carolina

From shelter to saving a little girls life; everyday…even in the operating room! Yep..that’s me. My name is JJ. I was dropped off at a shelter when I was a few weeks old. Rescued by Eyes Ears Nose & Paws who trained me. I hit the lottery because I was paired with KK, a little 5 year old girl with a rare disorder called Mastocytosis. KK can have reactions from things such as being tired, hot, cold, exercise just about anything can trigger those darn mast cells. These reactions can sometimes be mild and sometimes life threatening. Talk about scary. What makes it worse, there is NO monitor to help her parents detect when she is about to have a reaction. That’s where I come in. I have a pretty good nose. In fact, I can smell these reactions and I tell her parents when she starts to have a reaction.

?I’m really good at my job. In fact, KK needed surgery in December and her doctors want ME in the OR with them to help monitor her! Now I don’t have a medical degree (or even a pedigree) but I was happy to help! See it’s just another days work for me. They tell me that because I’m KK’s monitor, she can live a more normal life. She can attend school and participate in other activities she would have never been able to do before me. Both most of all, we just love each other… a whole lot!

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