Jorde — Therapy

Location: Melville, New York

Jorde is a German Shepherd male. I have had the wonderful opportunity to bring Jorde to schools, middle and high school, and also a school for medically frail and handicap children. The smiles and excitement that Jorde brings is exhilarating. Whether in a wheelchair, or no matter what the child’s limitations are, Jorde makes every one feel special. His warm accepting nature, and positive energy brings out the best in everyone he interacts with. Jorde loves to play games with the children, especially involving a ball. The children love to pet him, play with him, and mostly be accepted by him as his Friend. Jorde would be a great Representative of a hero dog because he touches everyone’s life that he comes in contact with- he makes people feel special and reminds all of us of how important the simple things are- giving your undivided attention, being there for others”, having a continuous nonjudgmental attitude, and making each and every person that he comes in contact with feel hopeful, strong, loved, and truly happy!

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