Jumanji — Shelter

Location: CRESCENT CITY, California

I run a rescue for senior and special needs animals. Jumanji also known as JJ, only 3 weeks old at the time and her Mom were at the shelter and were going to be euthanized for space and they both had Pneumonia. JJ’s Mom got better, but JJ only being 1/2 of a pound developed distemper, a common occurrence when a baby has pneumonia. I was working at an animal hospital at that time, so I could give her the best care. I would bring her back and forth to work with me so she could continue on her IV fluids. I did not get much sleep during that time, as I was up every hour to check on her. She finally got better and is now a distemper survivor. JJ was eating on her own and her Mom was adopted. She was still very tiny at 6 weeks old, so Godzilla, a downer neutered male cat was her surrogate Mom. The 2 remain inseparable to this day. JJ turned out to be an amazing watch dog and companion. Not enough Chihuahuas find homes, but I’m very glad she has a home with me.