Juniper — Service

Location: Cos Cob, Connecticut

Juniper was brought into our home at 9 weeks and is now 3. During that time, my wife and I brought my father to live with us following a stroke that partially paralyzed and weakened his left side. During the years of daily physical therapy and hand therapy, Juniper has sat by his side to re-assure him. My dad has had 5 separate pneumonia episodes last year requiring hospitalization and weeks of in-home therapy. Each time, we were forewarned about the imminent danger when his blood oxygen slipped below 92, because juniper ran to his room, heard the labored breathing, gave her sharp piercing sound that Portuguese Water Dogs make, and we called 911, who saved him each time. He fully recovered each time and we have Juniper to thank for her sixth sense of danger, and love for my Dad.

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