K-9 Cody — Law Enforcement and Detection

Location: Newport News, Virginia

K-9 Cody started her career in explosives detection in Iraq working hard to keep US personnel safe at the US Embassy. K-9 Cody was transferred back to the US where she continued her explosives detection career working at the Mall of America. She quickly stood out as a phenomenal K-9, and not just because of her ability to detect explosives, but also because of her calm and loving demeanor. K-9 Cody was transferred to her current position in Virginia helping to safeguard such places as Busch Gardens, and events for the LPGA, NBA, and the 4th of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island. She also helps the local agencies with bomb threats. In her off time, she can be found doing demonstrations at local schools, churches, and festivals. She loves people, and loves to say hi by walking up and leaning against their leg so she can enjoy a bit of scratches behind the ear. One story that sticks out about Cody, and her gentle spirit, was an incident that happened while she was working at an amusement park doing explosives detection. A young girl, around 8 or 9 years old, was in the park enjoying the day with her family. She was in line for a ride, when another service dog bit her on the leg. She was traumatized and scared. Knowing how gentle Cody is, they called her to the aid station. When Cody saw the little girl, she immediately walked over, licked the girl’s hand then laid at her feet. Almost immediately, the little girl stopped crying, and was soon smiling thanks to Cody.