Kannon — Guide / Hearing

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

I discovered treasure when I met Kannon my guide dog. I opened the box she gave me and found independence, confidence, and opportunity that makes me strong with courage and hope. Her treasures empower me to make a difference in my life and others. Kannon uses her special skills to navigate, communicate, and intelligently disobey to guide and protect me along our paths through life together.

Last year, I was headed into darkness. Already totally blind in one eye, the limited tunnel vision in the other was fading fast. Blistering on the cornea had me looking at the world through wax paper and walking through extreme fog. Perceptive beyond expectations, Kannon bridged the gap to keep me safe.

Thankfully I was a candidate for a partial cornea transplant. My husband and I as Lion members, along with Kannon transported my new cornea tissue from the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin to the surgical center. In the picture, Kannon is sitting next to the box with the treasure of my new cornea tissue. Through the weeks of difficult recovery, Kannon adapted using her intuition to show me unconditional love.

In 2020, I am celebrating the treasure of restored vision. Though still legally blind, I can now see 3 feet in front of me. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for this miracle and for the treasure of Kannon my hero, my devoted, loyal, trustworthy, extraordinary guide dog!