Kayak — Shelter

I found Kayak in the North Georgia mountains, by the side of the road about 10 years ago. She was about 4-5 years old. At first, we thought she was hit by a car. When we stopped we discovered she was alerting drivers to a dog that was lying in a ditch just below her, near death. She would not leave this dog! Drivers could not see the dog in the ditch, if she was not lying there. We took both dogs home. The dog in the ditch survived and we found a home for her. I decided to keep the Border Collie and named her Kayak. Kayak’s passion is catching the frisbee. A few years ago, she developed mobility issues in her hind legs and was unable go after and catch the frisbee. Her spirits were really down. We decided to try a ‘wheelchair’. The wheelchair was amazing. She could catch and run after the frisbee while in the wheelchair. Wow!! So she has become an ‘inspiration’ to both dog owners who have dogs with mobility issues and people as well. The message here is: ‘HOPE’. The title of this picture is: ‘The Spirit is Still Willing’. She is a ‘spokes-dog’ for HOPE for both impaired dogs and people!!! We can all be inspired by this picture.

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