Keebler — Guide / Hearing

Location: Naples, Florida

Before Keebler came into my life, I was dependent on my white cane, friends and family to navigate. Since, I am totally independent to go anywhere and do anything I desire. He is my guide and friend and is always by my side wherever I am. I never feel alone or isolated. In fact, the opposite is the truth. Everyone LOVES Keebler and approach me, hoping they could pet him but being a guide dog, I need to let them down gently, explaining that Keebler is on the job. We go everywhere and anywhere, nothing can stop us. The attached picture was taken on a hike in Petosky, Michigan. He has flown many times and is an exemplary traveler. We take daily walks, including to the supermarket, the library, the doctor and to his weekly visit to his neighborhood vet to get weighed. Keebler is the star of the neighborhood and is well known in Publix. He is named after a policeman who was killed in duty and I can feel this brave man’s spirit in Keebler every day. He has blocked me from a few close accidents and guides me up and down the curbs and stairs, keeping me safe and free. His soul and temperament is of kindness and duty.

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