Kerith — Therapy

Location: San Rafael, California

Kerith is a 2 year old Golden Retriever. Through Pet Partners she and I are a certified therapy dog team and a certified crisis response team. In our community we visit fire stations, hospitals, police departments and dispatchers. Kerith loves everyone but she loves firefighters the most. It has been a match made in heaven from the very start. After meeting the fire service personnel in the ER they began to request Kerith visits at their stations. During these visits Kerith helped the crews to be less stressed, she was there for them to decompress after difficult calls and she helped them to cope during the difficult time of being a firefighter during a pandemic. During the unprecedented California fire season of 2020 Kerith and I went up and down the state visiting wildfire base camps. Firefighters working these fires had been away from their families for months at a time. Each morning before the crews went off to fight the fires they would get a visit from Kerith. Seeing her helped these heroes get through their day. She brought a little bit of home to them and relieved their stress and exhaustion. Kerith became so popular at fire base camps she was requested by thousands of firefighters for a visit. Through the pandemic and horrific California fire season of 2020 Kerith has helped countless first responders and healthcare workers. I feel so grateful that she has allowed me the opportunity to help so many.

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