Killian — Shelter

Location: Troy, Virginia

Ollie was 3, and working with specialists.He hardly spoken and had anxieties over everything.Understanding what he wanted was impossible.Trips to the store turned to terror because of a wet floor. Everything petrified him to panic. Noise, rain, water, this child was anxious with everything.Then came Killian.Born in foster, At 5 days old, their bond was instantaneous. Daily he asked to “see Pup”. Only that one, pushing others away for “My Killian”. The words started coming. Not momma.Not daddy.”My Killian”.They grew together, like weeds, a friendship woven and entangled from the first moment.One morning it rained, I thought his panic would set in but Ollie would not forsake his best friend. Despite my worries, their bond was stronger than anxiety.We spoke about Killian’s adoption to a forever home.Ollie would not relent, this was “His Killian, and as his vocabulary grew to words for his pals care, so did his determination they would never be separated.His words turned to sentences, his sentences to songs.These boys were meant for one another, and that autumn we brought His Killian home forever.What this special dog has done for my sweet boy is indescribable. Apart from being his best friend, he has given us “normalcy”.He has freed him from demons we will never understand.Killian hasn’t just brought friendship to a boy in need, but has set his soul on fire.We will forever be honored and humbled by their bond, and constantly in awe of what this Hero Dog has done for his boy.

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