King Simba — Service

Location: Charleston, Illinois

I am nominating Simba due to fact he saved my life. In December I was started a new sleeping medicine to help with my insomnia while my husband was in critical condition in the hospital. I sleep with a fan at the foot of my bed that is plugged into an extension cord. Around 1am Simba started growling and pacing the room. When I would try and pet him he would growl and go towards the bedroom door. I ended up getting up and taking him out. When we came back in he started growling and pacing again. This time he kept going to the foot of my bed. I started smelling burnt rubber and hearing popping sounds. When I got up yet again to go look what it was turned out the electrical cord the fan was plugged into was shorting out and sparking. If wasn’t for Simba waking me up it would have caught foot of my bed on fire along with pile of clothes. I wouldn’t of been able to make it out with location of the cord.

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