Kissable Katie — Guide / Hearing

Location: Palm Coast, Florida

Kissable Katie is my seeing eye dog & medical alert dog. She has saved my life on numerous occasions. She acts as my eyes & guides me daily. She safely maneuvers me through life’s obstacles. Kissable Katie alerts me prior to my having an Epileptic Seizure. She gets me sitting or laying down, out of traffic, & protects me while I have the seizure & can’t protect myself. Kissable Katie can pull my life alert button, call rescue, unlock the door, let rescue in, & bring them to me. She carries my medical information on a flash drive so rescue knows my conditions. She stays with me until help arrives or goes & gets me help. It is because of Kissable Katie that I am able to leave my home safely & with confidence. I had been home bound for years, unable to leave my home due to my disabilities. Kissable Katie is my trusted companion & best friend. Kissable Katie not only saves my life, but my capacity for living life to the fullest by helping me to go out, live life, & enjoy life independently with her guidance. Kissable Katie was trained by Freedom Guide Dogs. They are an exceptional guide dog school & they paired me with the perfect dog for me. Katie’s training is impeccable. Kissable Katie & I now volunteer with Paws of War Florida to help train shelter dogs as service dogs for veterans & first responders who need a service dog. Dog & training are provided free to qualified veterans & first responders. Saving both ends of the leash. Kissable Katie is MY HERO. She saved my life.