KKeaton — Military

Location: San Antonio, Texas

KKeaton is named in honor of Cpl Keaton Coffey, who was KIA in Afghanistan on May 24, 2012. KKeaton was born 3 days later on May 27, 2012 at Lackland AFB in a litter from the breeding program. After his initial training was complete, KKeaton was sent to a military base in New Mexico where no handler was ever successful in qualifying him. In 2015, KKeaton was sent to Camp Pendleton and assigned to the Provost Marshalls Office where he was eventually partnered up with Officer Aaron Stice. This partnering was pure coincidence, however, also pure fate. Aaron Stice (formerly Cpl Aaron Stice) had been friends with Cpl Keaton Coffey and was on the deployment & mission where Cpl Coffey was KIA. Officer Stice was the first handler to ever qualify KKeaton and the two served as partners for nearly 3 years, doing patrol work, searching for explosives, and supporting numerous secret service missions. In November 2018, Officer Stice took a job at Lackland AFB, unfortunately having to leave KKeaton behind at Camp Pendleton. KKeaton was never able to be paired with another handler after Officer Stice left. On May 14, 2019, just 7 months after separating, KKeaton was medically retired from Camp Pendleton due to a pinched nerve in his neck. He was reunited with Aaron Stice for official adoption into the family, thanks to the good people at American Humane. KKeaton now spends his days of retirement sleeping on his parents’ bed and playing in his backyard with his two furry sisters.

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