Knox — Service

Location: North Manchester, Indiana

Knox was my hero! He saved me on a day-to-day basis. Everything from helping me go to work as a pharmacy technician last year to assisting me in doing household chores. Throughout Covid-19 he has saved my life when I in fact got covid. Knox kept a close eye on me, helped me walk, brought me water, brought me my inhaler, and made sure I could make it to places like the doctor’s office for testing.

I was a victim of domestic violence in 2020. He retired after being poisoned by whom I lived with after a fit of rage when he found out I would likely be leaving…. the illness caused several stomach issues. He was cleared to work after, but only temporarily while I found a replacement… He retired once I was in a safe place and could get my next prospect. His stomach flipped a few months ago and he survived without any needed surgeries! A miracle. Even to this day, even when he isn’t feeling well…He will still alert and he will still try to catch me if I fall. Now, he is helping me raise another hero to take his place and he is the best big brother! The photo I chose is him tucked into a corner at a restaurant before he retired. It shows him just after alerting to my heartrate spiking (indicating an issue with panic attacks or fainting). The photo was taken right after as he kept a watchful eye on me.

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