Kobuk — Search and Rescue

Location: York, Maine

KOBUK TO THE RESCUE! Everyone began to feel the urgency knowing we were searching for a 77 year old woman with diabetes and dementia, who had been lost for more than two nights in the woods of Maine. Ruth Brennan had no water, no food nor her medications, so the Maine Warden Service with a crew of over 146 people knew our mission was time sensitive to locate her… soon! After hours of searching that third morning, Kobuk’s nose went up into the slight wind now from our north west, and he ran off almost 2/10 of a mile to locate her, according to our GPS unit that tracks his collar. Kobuk sprinted back to me, and gave a loud bark (his trained alert that he has found someone), then he spun around and bolted with me in full pursuit. It was so exhilarating! Kobuk had found Ruth Brennan, just in time to save her life! Kobuk is a certified search and rescue K9 on the Maine Search & Rescue Dogs team (www.mesard.org), a volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and owner/handler is Elizabeth Fossett of York, Maine. Kobuk deserves to be recognized as the “Hero Dog Award: Search & Rescue Dog” because he is a great ambassador for all SAR K9s. Kobuk searches with enthusiasm and never quits while someone is still lost in the woods, and he loves to give kids his signature “Kobuk-kisses”.

Tribute Video