Laika Willow — Shelter

Location: Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia

Laika Willow came from a backyard breeder that deemed her a dud puppy because she was blind and deaf. Last winter Laika was minutes from being thrown in a freezing river before her son intervened and decided to leave her outside a vets office in a box after hours. Laika ended up at the shelter where she was passed up over and over and two days from death when I adopted her. She had to learn to trust but quickly flourished and learned how to work within her disabilities. I then realized she has sight issues but can see enough and not completely deaf. She’s become a very confident and loving dog that loves helping other dogs come out of their shells and teaching them how to be dogs. Not only has she helped other dogs but has pushed on to help people with special needs to reach higher and be the best they can be too. Through scent work she shows them that a disability doesn’t define who you are. Find what you love to do and be the best at it. She fell in love with scent work immediately. Taking her to stores or the woods with other dogs or disabled persons and showing how her disability doesn’t stop her helps those around her to gain confidence and embrace their disabilities. Laika goes everywhere I go. She senses when people are sad and will gently go over to kiss and calm that person down. Many times people have cried after her gentle love saying that is what they needed. She has since received her CGC and her goal is to do search and rescue by the end of the year.

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