Leader Dog Lady — Guide / Hearing

Location: Hamilton, Michigan

I’m Legally Blind, Leader Dog Lady is my Guide Dog. My world has changed so much since Lady came into my life, Leader Dog Lady is my eyes, she guides me to wherever I need to go or do. We go on a plane once or twice a year, I love life because I have Leader Dog Lady by my side, I’m more independent and much more confident in myself. I see the world through Leader Dog Lady’s eyes and it’s a world where I set goals for us to do, for the year, Friends and family always ask, so what’s Leader Dog Lady and your adventures going to be??? My life is busy because of Lady. We educate about Leader Dogs for the Blind, go to Lions Club Conventions to promote Leader Dogs for the Blind. We attend big events and fundraisers for this wonderful Organization. July will be our 4 year anniversary as a team, Leader Dog Lady loves to work and I feel safe crossing busy intersections, getting on a plane, walking 3 miles, she goes to work with me and my co-workers love her. There is nothing we can’t do, Leader Dog Lady is so smart and she’s very beautiful Black Lab. When out in public people are looking at Leader Dog Lady and not asking me a ton of questions about my vision, because of Lady I’m more social and more comfortable being out in public, people ask me questions about Leader Dog Lady’s job! I love and trust her more than people. To be a good working team that is very important. So I am nominating Leader Dog Lady for Hero Dog, she is my HERO!!

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