Liberty’s Baby — Search and Rescue

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio

Liberty’s Baby was found abandoned in the woods in Liberty township, Ohio along with her three puppies. They were barely surviving by eating from a deer carcass. Baby was shy and had to be coaxed out of the woods. She was very thin, with her ribs and back bone showing. Baby also was suffering from an extremely heavy insect and parasite infestation. Once Baby came out from hiding in the woods, she was immediately taken to a veterinarian and treated. Her puppies all found loving homes. After Baby’s health improved and she got a clean bill of health, she started to show potential as a search dog. With lots of hard work, workshops and training, Baby then passed her human remains detection test through the National Association for Search and Rescue, becoming a certified cadaver dog. Baby went from being abandoned in the woods, to becoming a nationally certified search K-9. We like to say: “Liberty’s Baby is now a rescue who rescues!”

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