Lil Bit Dickens — Shelter

Location: Donalsonville, Georgia

On october 11, 2016 my mom n I were moving to yet another town after another long and drawn out eviction. While unpacking our things from a trailer that we borrowed, I spotted the MOST BEAUTIFUL, CHARISMATIC, PERFECT LITTLE CHIHUAHUA. She was so skinny, scared and was totally not good with humans. She was a puppy, under a year old and it was LOVE at 1st sight !!!! After 3 days of moving and several loads later, I was able to coax her into letting me touch her. I put food and water outside for her and watched her come over EVERYDAY for a week and then it happened, she let me pick her up , take her inside & bath her….. Little did she know, She was the one that saved me !!!! One year after I took her in and adopted her from the streets, I met my now husband. I got married a year later and of course she was a part of my wedding, part of my move to another town to live with my husband and his 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog. Here we are 3 years later, I’ve recently became my quadriplegic brother’s full time caregiver (very exhausting & stressful, to say the least) & she ALONE is my saving grace, my happy place, the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!! My brother has something called autonomatic dysreflexia, in which his BP goes way up n way down within minutes… Due to his injury location being at T4, she alone is capable of getting in his lap and somehow fixes his blood pressure issue, everytime. I thank GOD FOR MOMMIES LIL PRINCESS