Lincoln — Shelter

Location: Slidell, Louisiana

Lincoln is my hero. Lincoln came into my life within hours of his birth. A woman rushed him into a veterinarian’s office saying she found him on the side of the road alone. I overheard the tech suggest euthanasia to her because he had a cleft palate. I asked if I could try to help him and the tech said he wouldn’t make it 3 days. I tube fed him for months and he overcame bouts of aspiration pneumonia and infection, becoming a healthy dog fully functioning with a cleft palate. At one of his checkups, the vet said Lincoln was bilaterally cryptorchid and that he would need surgery to remove his testes. As Lincoln was lying in my bed recovering from his surgery with a cone around his neck and over 25 stitches, he began to nudge my chest insistently. I thought he needed more room on the bed or was uncomfortable, as he also likes to suck my thumb when he’s upset since his tube fed days. Lincoln’s nudging of my chest continued on after his recovery so much so that I went to the doctor to check it out. I told my dr how Lincoln was acting but the dr said he didn’t feel anything abnormal during the exam. My mother died from breast cancer so the dr set up an imaging appointment to be safe. The mammogram showed early stage DCIS in my right breast. At my bilateral mastectomy 6 weeks later, the cancer was invasive, having broke out of the milk ducts and testing HER2 positive. If not for Lincoln, the cancer would have been found much more advanced. I saved him, and he saved me right back.

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