Lola — Service

Location: Del City, Oklahoma

Lola was adopted by my father at our local animal shelter in 2011 i was 6 or 7 at the time and she’s always helped me through our rough times my dad went to prison and my mother wanted nothing to do with me so my grandparents took me and lola in my family always knew I had something wrong with me one day I was feeling suicidal and tried to kill myself lola knew what was going on and she walked in my room and nudged my leg I patted the bed and she jumped up I was crying and she licked my tears I hugged her and eventually told my grandma I needed to go to the hospital it was 10 pm but she took me to the hospital after I hugged all of my other pets and especially lola after I was there I was diagnosed with aspergers and alot of ther things like anxiety and depression I got a bit better and they let me go and from that moment on I knew lola was fit to be a service dog eventhough she was older I trained her as much as she would let me and did my research she worked with me mostly at home because my grandma didn’t want to take her with us but 2 other hospital trips and she’s still keeping me going even though she’s retired our bond has never broken we are a team and even when she’s gone we will always be a team

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