Lucas — Service

Location: Ossian, Indiana

I am an 80% disabled Marine Veteran and just thought life was just going to continue the way it has been. My wife met a gentleman who had a service dog and reached out to a few organizations to try to get me some information or even be put on the lengthy wait list. Lone behold we received a message back from Ultimate Canine that they worked with a non profit organization called Hero Family Outreach and they would give them our information.

My wife had mainly done all the correspondence with them. Our first email went out in March of 2020 and after a few emails and a few calls they (Ultimate Canine) asked us to come down to Indy and take a tour. We went down in August and walked in with face masks and were asked to have a seat. There was another couple sitting there which we thought was just another family that was going to be taking the tour as well. Julie the owner pulled a chair up and asked me to describe what had happened in Somalia and some of my triggers. I looked at my wife because I did not feel comfortable talking about it especially in front of strangers so my wife Monya told the story of my background. After about 20 minutes Julie said she had to go outside and asked the other family to join her. Moments later they walked back in with Lucas and introduced him to myself and my wife and said meet your new service dog. He had to finish his training but they wanted us to meet. In September we went down for training and that’s how I received my new best friend.

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