Lucca — Law Enforcement and Detection

Location: Farmersville, Ohio

Lucca who was previously name Otis along with his brother was dropped off at a shelter at 3 months of age. There was no reason, just simply surrendered. Otis’s brother was adopted but not Otis. A wonderful, dog rescue: Char-Wills German shepherd rescue, out of Pennsylvania came and took Otis. Christy (one of the volunteers) took Otis home and he adapted to her family. I was looking at rescues for a special dog who would be a great candidate for arson work. I inquired about another dog, on their website, but after speaking with Christy one evening, she informed me the dog I was inquiring about wouldn’t be a good candidate. She informed me she has a dog (foster) who she thinks would be great. So I drove, met Otis, & adopted him and met Christy’s awesome family. After months of assisted training from IPWDA and Master trainer Bob Compton, Lucca aka Otis, passed all of his certifications. There was a local fire dept., (Jefferson Twp. Fire) eager to showcase Lucca & put him on staff (volunteer) as a working dog. Lucca had a swearing in ceremony & Christy from Char-Wills along with her family were invited to attend. Lucca’s pictures were placed in the lobby of the fire department and now 6 years later and numerous call-outs on suspicious fires, Lucca continues to be a proud working K9 of the Jefferson Township Fire Dept. He continues to assist any fire dept. who requests his service because he went from a simple disregarded Shepherd to a dog who loves his job, people & community.

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