Lucian Kilroy — Service

Location: Gloucester City, New Jersey

Lucian was originally just my dog. I had broken my back and already had scoliosis, but didn’t have real problems until about 10 years later when my discs started bulging, etc.. At that time, I started having horrible pain, extreme difficulty walking, and could not do many things I enjoyed. I wasn’t able to work and had to go through 5 years waiting for Disability. Not only was I injured, but I was horribly depressed!

One day I was stuck in my bed with nobody home and couldn’t roll over to the edge. Lucian came up and I told him” I can’t get up honey.” He actually jumped up on the bed, got behind me and pushed me over to the edge! Then jumped off the bed and came over so I could use him to pull me forward until I could stand up.

After that, I found out he could become my Service Dog. I went from being depressed and in horrible pain, to working with my dog through physical therapy. Lucian helped me walk when I could barely move, he helps me get up off the ground while doing exercises or chores but most of all…Lucian gave me HOPE! His wonderful spirit lifted mine.

Now Lucian is 15 years old and He needs help getting in the car. (His hip are in bad shape.) He still walks with me every day and if anyone is on the ground – he immediately goes over to help them up. Lucian has been with me every day and brings joy to everyone he meets. He is an Ambassador of the Pitbull breed and helps me educate people about how amazing Pitbulls really are.

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