Lucy — Service

Location: Columbia, Maryland

Lucy came to me at 6 months of age in November of 2019. I work at a kennel in an animal hospital and she was admitted last minute due to a family emergency. Little did we know, Lucy’s owner had passed away unexpectedly and his parents were not able to keep her. I offered to adopt her, and that’s where our journey began.

I have struggled with my mental health from a very young age. Lucy has not only been my comfort and a light at the end of the tunnel, but has saved my life multiple times during crisis. She is able to alert me to panic attacks and perform deep pressure therapy to calm me down, tactile stimulation to bring me back to the present, and interrupts any self injurious behaviors.

In November of 2020, I experienced sudden and frequent presyncope spells. I have since fainted on several occasions. We’ve found a high heart rate to be the trigger. Lucy is almost fully trained in cardiac alert and response now, and has taken on the job of alerting me to this change before I faint so that I don’t fall and hurt myself.

Lucy has totally changed my life. I can be safely independent and cope with my disabilities now after so many years of struggling. I feel like we’re the real “Who Rescued Who?”, and she means everything to me. I can’t imagine being without her. She is truly the most amazing dog I have ever met and had the privilege to share my life with.

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