Lucy — Service

Location: Canton, Massachusetts

Lucy was born in the street in Beasley, Texas. She was taken to a shelter where she was terrified and sick. I adopted her, and took her up to Massachusetts. She had never known people, never known a home, and I was just expecting her to be a regular pet dog. She loved hiking, loved snow, and loved learning new things. One day, I noticed she started acting funny. We were sitting next to each other and she began rubbing her head all over my chest. About a minute later, I had a seizure. She had begun alerting me to my seizures on her own. I didn’t even know I was having one. After that, I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and she started her training as my seizure alert and response dogs. I did not teach her to alert, but she does so every time without fail. She is only 2, and loves her job and takes it very seriously. She has saved me from falling, she has gotten help when I need it, and she helps me through her deep pressure therapy. She is truly amazing.

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