Lucy — Search and Rescue

Location: Roxbury, Connecticut

Many dogs are chosen from birth to be search and rescue dogs. Lucy, however, chose to become one. I adopted her at 8 weeks of age as a companion and friend. Between her love of puzzles and her knack for mischief, it became very clear to us that Lucy was meant for more.

We began volunteering for Resources in Search and Rescue Inc. out of Monroe CT. The more I watched the team’s K-9s and their human partners work, the more I thought this would be the right fit for Lucy. I approached a senior member of the team and within a year we went from “green” to certified. Lucy and I completed our first certification as a K-9 Trailing team in August of 2018. Trailing was one of the more difficult disciplines to learn in SAR, but I could tell Lu wanted more challenge. We decided to begin training in Human Remains Detection. In June of 2020 we became certified in HRD-Land and HRD-Water. We were proud to say not only could we help bring people home but we could also bring closure to families of victims that couldn’t.

This photo is a day of water training out on the boat. At the mention of the word “work” her eyes light up and she is ready to go. No matter what we throw her way in training or on a call, she never ceases to inspire and amaze me. Lucy learns quickly and truly loves her job. She perseveres through every challenge she comes across and always with a broad smile, gentle lick, and wagging tail. Every day Lucy is not only my best friend and partner, but also my hero.

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