Luke — Therapy

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Luke is a nine year old Golden Retriever/Labrador cross and started his therapy dog career when he was just over a year old. He has worked as a R.E.A.D. dog at several elementary schools and libraries. He did Animal Assisted Therapy at a Children’s Counseling Center hundreds of times, working one on one and in group therapy. He worked over a hundred times in the rehab gym at our local hospital and spent countless hours with patients and family members in hospice. He was the only therapy dog that was allowed to get in bed with patients in Intensive Care. Luke was the sole therapy dog to work at our local airport and has worked in several colleges during finals. He has visited many schools and preschools as well as accompanying me to do presentations on therapy dogs and how they help people. He was a Disaster Dog for the Salvation Army for two years and comforted the many people who suffered a devastating tornado in Washington, Ill. in 2013. He has met and comforted thousands of people during public events and gotten many adults and children over their fear of dogs. In total, he has served over 2000 hours of therapy work in his 8 years as a therapy dog. We only retired him this year due to Covid or he would still be helping people. I believe that Luke deserves to be recognized for the many hours that he has made people smile, helped children learn to walk, talk and learn about the love of animals. He comforted so many people and was a favorite of the hospital staff.

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