Luna — Therapy

Location: Berryville, Virginia

Luna has been people driven since she was a puppy. She is the happiest when she can go up to greet anyone she can. When she was younger, Luna would run out the front door whenever she saw anyone walking down the street, even trying to catch the newspaper delivery person at 5:00 in the morning! I decided to turn this into something positive for her-and with a lot of positive reinforcement training, we went for our Certified therapy certification in February 2019 and Luna passed! Since then, Luna has consistently shown love for each and every person she had met. Whenever I would take her therapy vest out, she would happily and patiently stand for me to put it in her-she knew that day was going to be a great day! Before covid hit Luna was consistently visiting a local assisted living facility twice a week, our local public school once a week, she has been invited to local colleges for exam weeks, and had been invited to visit the State Department! I have never seen a dog more in love with people than Luna. Its as if she craves helping people by making them happy and taking their stress away if only for a little bit which is amazingly selfless of her. We are looking forward to the community opening back up so I can get her back out there again. I have never felt such a strong bond with a dog as I have my Luna. I hope you can see and feel how truly loving and so deserving of this opportunity. Shes the sweetest and I want the whole world to know what an amazing creature she is.

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