Luna — Shelter

Location: Westtown, Pennsylvania

Luna was an abused rescue dog from a puppy mill. She suffered from severe, destructive separation anxiety along with fears of any type of loud/strange noises. After much therapy and trying every logical thing to restore her trust and life as a healthy dog, Luna is now enjoying a good life.

All animals that come from puppy mills deserve a second chance and also need special love to heal those deep wounds that the puppy mill created. Puppy mill dogs are taken from their mothers at only four weeks old and not given the training via their mother along with socialization.

This photo was taken within a month after being rescued. Luna learned to live in a home, trust humans to the point that they would not hurt her, eat normal/healthy meals, given toys, and adjust to humans around her 24/7. When a dog is raised in a puppy mill they do not know human contact or what it is to be loved and cared for, nor do they receive attention or walks to enjoy being a dog.

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