Luna — Service

Location: Chuckey, Tennessee

I have crohns disease, p.o.t.s, and severe anxiety all diagnosed by my dr. My dog luna is only 4 months old. I got her when she was 8 weeks old. She hasn’t been fully trained as a service dog, but at 8 weeks old she recognized my disorders without me even training her and will warn me ahead of time. When my crohns flares up, she will lay across my stomach before it ever hits me and most times I dont even realize im about to have one, she will whine for me to sit down before my blood pressure drops, and she lays on my chest before I have an anxiety attack. I havent been able to go in public alone since I was 17 because of my anxiety and now when I have her with me I can walk through a store and not have an anxiety attack. I was in an abuse relationship before I got her. 2 weeks after having her I was strong enough to leave the relationship and not even look back. She sleeps next to me so when I wake up in the middle of the night in a little anxiety attack shes there to calm me and my anxiety attacks only last a couple minutes now.. in the past they could last up to 3 hours and most of the time i passed out from hyperventilating. She may not win this competition but I am extremely blessed to have found her and she will always be a winner in my eyes. I couldn’t have found a better dog for myself.

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