Maggie — Therapy

Location: Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Maggie is a great example of what a shelter dog can do. Maggie was adopted from the Humane Society at the age of 1 ½ years old. She always showed the confidence and love for people. When she puts on her vest or bandana, she knows she is going to work to make people feel better! When not in uniform she is a frisbee and ball fetch dog, she digs holes, moves boulders, and plays just like a border collie.

Maggie is a busy girl but that is what she loves! She is a certified Pet Therapy dog through 2 organizations, “Love on A Leash” and HABIT (Human Animal Bond In Tennessee). She has helped children feel comfortable to read. For 3 years she did a one-on-one reading program. The “Ruff Reading Program” was with 2nd grade students! A statement made by one of the students, “I never liked reading till I could read to Maggie”.

Maggie also loves visiting the children at our local Children’s Hospital. Many of them are frightened in this strange place and are missing their dogs at home. She also visits children during Chemotherapy treatment to relax them. She visits patients at 5 other local hospitals.

She visits Hospice patients and has even been a part of “Healing Hearts Grief Camp” for children. Those were incredibly special times for Maggie!

A very special moment for Maggie was when she represented HABIT at a Chattanooga Lookouts game. She threw out the first pitch! And she did it!

Maggie is well known in the community and has touched many lives!

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