Maggie — Search and Rescue

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Maggie is my 4 year old Bloodhound. I adopted Maggie from my local rescue, I was her 4th home at 9 months. She had severe separation anxiety and was very destructive. Together we joined our local search and rescue team and through training and dedication she settled in to my household. She became not only my best friend but an incredibly trusted partner in the field. Her ability to communicate and navigate in the field has kept me out of harms way countless times. She is an operational cadaver/trailing/water recovery dog. We have been on several searches water and land. Through our work, she has brought much needed closure to a family of a drowning victim along with helping narrow down a water search area so it was safer for the dive team in some heavily weeded waters. She has been on other searches and always gives 110% without hesitating. It doesn’t matter the terrain or distance she just goes and does her best. Maggie is also one of our public relations dogs for our team. She goes to our public events and loves letting all the children pet her and takes pictures with the elderly people who absolutely love her wrinkles and long, soft ears. She mentors the younger SAR dogs coming in and we use her to run trails with them. She truly is a special girl, not only for her work and what she brings to the public but also for the value that she brings to our team and the other dogs.

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