Maggie — Service

Location: Saint Cloud, Minnesota

2019 I was planning on just getting a pet, although I’ve been needing a service dog for a few years for psychiatric issues but not really thought to deep about it, I was gonna get a 3rd dog (Maggie) the day before I was ready to put a down posit on Maggie, my 13 year old dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had to be put to sleep, I didn’t want to get another dog afterwards but something was telling me I had too. I was also grieving badly over my childhood dog who I lost in 2017, I got Maggie and everything changed she helped me through the grief of my childhood dog, and helped me through my current grief with my dog Ginger. At 14 weeks old, Maggie naturally alerted to my panic attacks, I then started to train her for basics and then at 6 Months she started service dog training, she has done amazing and helps me get through everyday and every struggle. I think she deserves an award for always helping me and always being a fast learner!

She was also signed up in a training program, but we discontinued it because training her has helped me a lot mentally and gave me motivation, plus it was to expensive for us unfortunately!

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