Maia — Shelter

In 2015, in Porterville CA a video was posted on a local pet FB page showing a small badly injured dog dragging itself near an orchard. Hundreds of people responded and some rushed to the site, but the dog was gone. 3 weeks later someone spotted the dog and took it to the only hospital in the area. She was a small terrier, about 10 months old. One of her hind legs was cut off and the other was smashed beyond repair. Her spine was broken and she was severely emaciated. It was a miracle she survived her injuries and lived for 3 weeks. The hospital staff contacted a local rescuer who connected with a LA rescue group – Rescue From The Heart. The rescue took Maia to several Los Angeles hospitals. All, but one suggested euthanasia. “Maia” was admitted for a double leg amputation. The rescue shared Maia’s story on FB and THOUSANDS of people sent donations, supplies, food and even a wheelchair. Maia’s survivor story and will to live had touched so many hearts. My wife and I met Maia at the hospital by chance and fell in love. We offered to foster her and soon after “failed” as fosters and she became part of our family. Today Maia lives a full and happy life – she loves to swim, ski, hike, run in her wheels and play fetch. She makes everyone smile and inspires us every day. We volunteer for a dog rescue and Maia is first to greet the dogs we pull from LA shelters. Through her social media, Maia has impacted thousands of people around the world and saved the lives of hundreds of dog.

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