Maiko — Shelter

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

This is Maiko. He is my girlfriend’s dog and she has had him for about a year. Maiko was found running as a stray in the streets in a different state. We took him home beacuse every shelter around the area was a kill shelter abd we could never put him there and right away we found out he was the sweetest dog. We have no way of knowing how long Maiko was a stray but he has scars on his neck and back and he has night terrors every night as a result of being on his own. He has severe separation anxiety from my girlfriend which works out beacuse she has separation anxiety from him too. In 2016 my girlfriend’s mom was killed in front of her and she has really bad PTSD because of it. We were looking for a dog to be an emotional support dog for her when Maiko came into our lives. We got him registered as her emotional support dog and they could not be more perfect for each other. We live in Florida and since we found Maiko he has gone with us to Oklahoma 3 times, and to Savannah, GA with us 2 times, which is where that picture was taken. Maiko is the sweetest dog in the whole world and he gives my girlfriend something to live for. He will never understand how much he means to us but he is the reason my girlfriend wakes up each morning and gets out of bed. He loves her more than anything and they complete each other. They were meant to find each other. They saved each other, and I couldn’t be more thankful for him because he is able to comfort her when she is upest in ways I can’t.

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