Mamma — Service

Location: Norristown, Pennsylvania

My girl mamma was at the high kill shelter in Philadelphia call Acct Philly my friend told me to get her because she was the calmest dog that was there the day that I went in was also the same day that she was going to be put down I found out she had a horrible life before me she was used for breading her owners cut her ears off with scissors she had a horrible ear infection when I first got her so after almost a 6months of getting rid of everything that was wrong with her we started training it took two and a half years for her to learn all the tasks that I needed her to learn. Since day one she learned tasks very quickly and knew her job very well she saved my life from suicide over dozen times . I got her in 2016 and she has been my Lifesaver I don’t know what I would do without this dog I believe she should be nominated because she came from a horrible life and became the best service dog ever she has shown that pitbulls and Bully breeds can be great service dogs if they are properly socialized and traind and that not all pit bulls are evil and mean. She also lives with a cat and two chinchillas who she absolutely adores she is great with kids and everybody my whole family and all my friends love her but I love her the most I hope you guys nominate her for this or at least recognize her that she is the best dog that a girl could ever ask for.

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