Mango — Therapy

Charity Partner: Hand in Paw
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Meet my dog Mango! She is a four year old paralyzed rescue that was homeless, hit by a car, scheduled for euthanasia and pulled by a rescue to be given a second chance. Emma’s Cleft Palate Chihuahua Rescue pulled Mango from a shelter, nursed her back to health and placed her in a program called Emma’s Rescue Reserve. This program was created to place paralyzed dogs with owners so they could work with our disabled Veterans that suffer from physical disabilities by showing them that a small dog in a wheel chair can overcome her handicap and they can too. The comfort Mango brings them teaches them that “disabled” is only a word and words should never label our ability to overcome a life altering, physical change no matter what the handicap may be. Mango also helps other disabled pets by purchasing wheel chairs for them through a program she started called “Mango’s Freedom Wheels.” She started this mission sixteen months ago and with generous donations she has purchased over 150 custom built wheelchairs to help other animals regain their ability to be mobile again. She has put a mini horse, pig, cats and dogs into wheelchairs so they can experience the freedom of standing and running once again. Mango is a Hero to many and she deserves this award.

Tribute Video