Marek — Law Enforcement and Detection

Location: Appleton, Maine

K9 Marek didn’t start his path like most police dogs. He was bought by a family to be a house pet. However, they quickly realized he was a little more than they could handle. After much debate they returned Marek to the breeder, and that is where our story begins. I already had a dog about to start training when we found out she had a heart conditions and couldn’t work. I was now a handler with no dog. Marek was with the breeder who happened to be my trainer! He said “I have a dog!” And boy did he, Marek is 98 pounds of wonderful German Shepherd and was ready to work. He needed a job and it showed. Marek come from a long line of working K9’s and just wasn’t meant to be a house pet. Marek and I started training in January of 2019 and were patrol certified in October of the same year. After certification Marek and I faced a huge mountain. We were now the only K9 team in the entire county!! And one of only three teams that covered 3 counties. We knew we had our work cut out for us and we were ready. In the picture you can see Marek is proud of his new work life and happy getting his reward after a good training track!! The working life was what he was meant for. Once we started work Marek quickly made a name for himself. We have tracked burglary suspects, lost elderly people in the woods, suicidal subjects that ran from a house, and Domestic Violence suspects that fled into the woods. We also enjoy times in local school were Marek joins me as we reach DARE to grades k-8.

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