Mattis — Therapy

Location: Hilliard, Ohio

Mattis was the first law enforcement Therapy K9 in the state of Ohio and only 5th in the country. Mattis works with victims of crime and the disclosures have assisted in getting numerous convictions and prison time for several offenders giving those victims closure. Our mission is victim advocacy, mental health and trauma. Mattis and our program give hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless. In this realm we generally find ourselves working with sexual assault victims, often juveniles. We have witnessed time and again where a victim refused to talk with a prosecutor about a case because reliving the trauma was just too painful. Kids who have shut down and refused to speak would talk to the dogs. The presence and calming effect of a well-trained therapy K9 in these environments provide a level of safety and security for a child lowering their anxieties, inhibitions and building their trust in the process allowing them to tell their story. Relationships with pets are less complex than with humans and are often more easily formed and maintained as there are no intentions by the animal to disguise motives. The dog becomes the medium that fosters relationships with those trying to help the victim.

We are proud of Mattis and have inspired and helped hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country establish programs. In Mattis’ free time, he loves to volunteer with Veterans and First Responders.

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