Maverick — Service

Location: Keyport, New Jersey

Maverick is my balance support dog. He gives me freedom and confidence which alone makes him my hero, but Maverick is so much more than that. Maverick is trained to alert me before pain sets in, which makes him very in touch with my emotions as well. I manage an animal hospital and Maverick spends his days with me in my office. He began singling out certain employees. We began to realize it was during times where they were feeling down or anxious or stressed. Over time I’d find if they were having a bad day, rather than trying to hide away they’d come visit Maverick.

This was a horrible year with Covid-19. The stress we all felt challenged even the strongest of people. Maverick was always there for my family and staff. He instinctively knows who needed him and will sit there patiently while being hugged, or simply put a paw on a shoulder until you find your center. He’ll listen to your deepest thoughts without judgment and he always keeps a secret. He has become such an important part of our everyday life and I truly believe he got many people through some of the most difficult moments they may ever have to endeavor, myself included.

Maverick is a gift. He’s got an old soul and a huge heart. Being my service dog makes him my hero, but he’s so much more than that. Maverick is everyone’s hero. You just have to look in his eyes to know that.

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