Max — Shelter

Location: Lexington, South Carolina

Max has been living with 3 legs and a fraction of 1 lung since 2015 (our 1000 year flood). He was found injured and scheduled for euthanasia. The rescue where I volunteer saved him. He was terrified, trembling and limping around his run. Intake exam showed him heartworm positive, had decaying teeth, and a badly broken left hind leg possibly from flood debris or a car.

I couldn’t leave him, so I took him home “just to foster back to health”. X-rays days later found his hip was shattered and couldn’t be repaired so he needed an amputation. He was a warrior! His incision swelled, got infected, and ruptured. He never even yelped! A month after the amputation, he started major heartworm injections. When he was finally ready to go up for adoption, we gladly foster failed and adopted him, continuing his rigorous heartworm recovery. Sadly, he failed the retest six months later still testing positive. We administered slow kill treatment for three more months and he must have studied hard because this time he passed that test!

But… After six years at home, the now 10 year old needed teeth cleaning. He’d often cough after drinking water so I worried about a collapsing trachea. He went for an exam. X-rays showed a diaphragmatic hernia which over the years had let his intestines leak filling the right side of his chest cavity and pushed his heart to the left. He’s lived happily with a partial lung and three legs. You’d never think he was so messed up inside. He lives life full out!

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