Merilee — Shelter

Location: Emory, Texas

Merilee was once known only as Animal Id #541298. Her history is particularly heartbreaking because her previous owner ran over her in their driveway and called Merilee in as a stray. After she was impounded, Merilee was traced back to the family, who admitted to being her owner. They didn’t want to take care of Merilee’s injuries financially or physically so she was formally surrendered to the pound. Merilee was physically and emotionally crushed. Her hip was shattered and her pelvis broken. To make matters worse, she wasn’t trusting or friendly. As a result, Merilee was soon placed on the immediate euthanasia list and last call was given. That’s when Pound Pals, a small senior dog rescue in Texas, stepped in. It took months for Merilee to be able to walk. She still has a few physical and emotional challenges but she has learned to trust and has learned that she is loved. She now knows what it is like to be a member of a family. Merilee is a constant reminder that all senior shelter dogs deserve a chance and I am glad that Pound Pals gave her one. Merilee was betrayed in the worse way but found it in her heart to take a chance with us. She is a testiment to how resilient shelter dogs are! I hope that her story inspires others not to over look a senior death row dog simply because she is old, injured and was failed by a previous owner, she just might be a diamond in the ruff, like our girl, Merilee!

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