Merle — Shelter

Location: Waco, Texas

Merle saved my house and my family. One night I let Merle out to go to bathroom and all then sudden he started giving out what I call his warning bark. I was at first like Merle be quiet stop barking he just wouldn’t stop. So I went outside to see what he was barking at cause he kept barking at the roof of our house. And sure enough I saw smoke coming from the attic. I immediately called 911 and told them that I saw snails rolling out from my attic for trucks showed up and sure enough I had a small electric fire in my attic. If it wouldn’t of been for Merle trying to tell me something was right my house would of gone up in flames. He truly saved our home and also my family. Cause I myself didn’t smell or hear anything and the firemen said that if Merle hadn’t alerted me to the matter it would of only been mins and the whole attic would of been on fire. He is my hero in so many ways. I received Merle from a friend that was in the military and he had to move into small apartment and he didn’t want to have Merle in small apartment he felt it was fair to Merle so I revived my hero and he is loved by our whole family.

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