Mesa — Service

Location: Modesto, California

Mesa is an amazing service dog. If she hadn’t come into my life I would not be alive right now. She truly is a life saver. Even if she doesn’t win, I will always be proud of her and forever grateful to her for saving my life. The picture is of her first time at an aquarium, in which she did amazing. Everyday she gets better at her job never leaving my side when I need her. She recently had here first experience in a hospital emergency room and while she had never experienced most of the situations, such as me getting x-rays or having my blood drawn she was unfazed and professional. The hospital staff were extremely impressed with it being her first time. Even before she was trained to perform her tasks she knew exactly what to do when I need her, even going as far as retrieving someone when she knew something was wrong but couldn’t get to me. She has brought new meaning to my life and I can’t wait to continue our journey together. Thank you for your consideration.

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