Mia — Service

Location: Billerica, Massachusetts

Mia is a 3 year old, Yorkshire terrier multi-purpose service dog. She is just over 4 pounds, she has saved my life multiple times, more then I could ever re-pay her. Mias most used tasks are her medical alerts. She alerts me to sounds,lights,my heart rate, and if I am going to get dizzy. She also dose a handful of PTSD tasks, such as crowded control, block and cover. She also dose many psychiatric tasks. Like self harm response, crying response and LPT. Mia has proven everyone wrong multiple times. As a young puppy she wasn’t supposed to live past 10 weeks old. The vet recommended putting her down. She never gave up and I wouldn’t be here without her. For a small dog she has a personality! Mia is spreading awareness for small breed owner trained service dogs on her instagram page. Mia might be small but she has saved me more times then I can count. Are journey is only starting but I know she is going to make a difference one day. Me and Mia would love to have the hero dog title as she definitely is my hero. I wouldn’t be here without my little girl.

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