Mickey — Service

Location: Cardiff, California

Mickey and I met through Danny and Ron’s rescue group in Florida. I looked into the most soulful eyes I had ever seen, and I knew right away I had to bring this gawky little puppy home with me. I had gotten out of a horribly relationship, and he brought me out of a horrible depression, even bordering suicidal thoughts. He gave me a new lease on life, and a reason to keep going. Little did I know that due to a congenital heart defect, my blood pressure had suddenly began spiking to dangerous levels. My young dog knew though, and began pawing at my chest. He quickly stepped into the role of being my service dog, allowing me to continue my job working with competitive jumping horses. I literally owe this boy my life in so many ways, and little did I know that by saving his life that faithful day, I was also saving my own.

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